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Nella & Bob

We are your hosts, Bob and Nella. We are a married couple living in Southern California. We have been married for more than a quarter of a century, so we know each other pretty well. Despite what some might consider obvious incompatabilities, things seem to be working out nicely. Nella is Filipino, and Bob is northern European mongrel. We have two legally-grown children, named Philip and Connie, who have worlds of their own which happily intersect ours on occasion.

Philip & Connie

Biographies aside, your enjoyment of this site will depend mainly on whether you find yourself to be interested in the same kind of stuff that interests us. As reflected here, this stuff as of now consists of travel, though this may evolve. We enjoy travelling, and so far have been able to do a certain amount of it (sometimes with one or both of the kids) while somehow retaining enough to cover food, clothing and shelter. Budgetary and career constraints being what they are, we haven't traveled enough to be considered experts on any of the places we've visited, but we've tried to present information that should be of interest to those considering similar trips or those interested in someone else's take on a place with which they're familiar. And to those who are just curious about some of the places described herein but do not have the inclination or resources to travel themselves, an effort is made through pictures and narrative to convey what it's like to be in these places as a garden-variety tourist. And background information is presented where appropriate and (hopefully) interesting, so nearly everyone should find something new here. As for the background information, much of it is based on Internet research, so its accuracy should be judged accordingly. But most of it is probably real. As middle-class Americans, the practical information we present will be cost-conscious without taking the concept to extremes (we haven't yet had problems with insect or rodent infestations, anyway). Special deals or ticketing procedures described on this site are time-sensitive and may be outdated by the time they're read, so site visitors are urged to do their own research to find the latest information if something interests them (links have been included which may be helpful).

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Whether you're a wayward visitor who stumbled across this site by accident, or a valued friend or relative who is visiting through politeness, we hope you enjoy the site and look forward to any feedback you might have (click on one of the e-mail links and your default e-mail application should pop up). As of now, the site showcases our 2008 trip to New Zealand and Australia, our 2009 trip to Italy and our 2010 trip to Paris and Spain, and the latest addition is a serialized account of our 2011 trip around northern Europe, with new chapters to appear on Wednesdays. Click on one of the photos or other links to choose a trip or to zero in on part of one. New and past trips will be added as time and budget allow. On occasion, considerable time might elapse between updates, as our manpower is limited (to a fraction of a person, most of the time). You can e-mail us to request to be notified of significant updates - we promise not to spam you (unless you consider the notifications you ask for to be spam, which would indicate a noteworthy level of confusion on your part). Partly, we (like many) consider spam to be one of the scourges of 21st Century existence. But mostly, as you should be able to tell from our Official Bob and Nella Merchandise page (don't look too hard; there isn't one), we don't really have any spam to send. Or if you'd rather, just check back from time to time. We really intend to keep the site fresh and dynamic, but it's possible we could lose interest. Feel free to prod us if you detect this kind of situation.

Bob and Nella

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Clicking on the smaller pictures or links within the site will bring up larger pictures or videos. There is usually a choice of sizes for pictures or videos, with one of the smaller sizes being recommended for portable devices. The smallest sizes load the fastest but have the least amount of detail. The larger sizes of still pictures can be 2-3 MB in size or larger and will probably exceed the dimensions of most displays. For this reason it is recommended that your browser be set up to scale large graphics to fit. Dial-up connections are not recommended unless you're very patient, but that's up to you. Video clips are of MP4 or WMV format and are generally even larger than the largest still pictures (considerably in some cases). HD clips, where they exist, look better but are especially large. WMV files can be viewed with Windows Media Player (free from Mr. Gates) on Windows systems, or with any of several free apps on other platforms. MP4 files are more commonly accepted without extra apps.